VMware Explore, the New VMworld! [19.05.2022]

VMware Explore, the New VMworld! [19.05.2022]

VMware Explore is the new VMworld

Right? Right! Yes it's all here, this will not change back again. Do we all want to change in the same pace VMware does. We all know that can be challenging for customers, but what about you? Read through this and see if your own personal opinions differ from mine, I hope they do.

Being a VMware employee

VMware is all about diversity. We can all be ourselves as long as we don't hurt anyone. So even if VMware from time to time does something that an old guy like me do not like, there's still hope. On the other hand, why would I ? There should be no reason to slag off people of CHANGE. We all are professionals seeing change in the fastest pace ever. There is no reason to criticize crazy people with passionate inventions (that actually worked). And now, I'm not talking about The Cyclomer :-)

Why did VMware change that name?

Personally I think VMware is the challenger and leader in the market. These guys has a personal take on everything that's going on in the IT world. Whtat does that even mean. Well, basically there's leaders and followers, and VMware is not of the latter group. To Lead you need to constantly change. This change is just the smallest one. We've had similar changes with large companies and institutions both in Norway and other countries of the world, Things that had other names before has new names now. It's quite shocking in the beginning, everyone's crying out loud, but after half a year it's all the new normal. (Think of these companies; Vy, Equinor, Evry, Metaverse) - The world moves on!

Does it hurt?

Well, you and I, an audience to the REGULAR good old VMworld were used to the arena, the good old circus ring, expecting the same old heroes to say approximately the same old things about something we already knew, and maybe just get to hear about 5-10% new stuff and tap ourselves on the back together with everyone else, about our new found knowledge. Then we could talk about it with everyone else, and tell everyone who didn't know. I mean, there's nothing wrong in helping others understand all the goodies VMware can do. There's nothing wrong in helping people understand a better an smarter path to become more efficient and make sure that you and your customers can say "You know what, I've done something the last two years that helped me in the digital transformation" ... or something like that. I feel really old just for saying that !!! I am Categorically one of the members of the TRADITIONAL audience. Why would a forward leaning company as VMware at all be interested in me?

The new shit

If you do not think that VMware is atypical, and that VMware can behave and act differently, well, here's the answer to that! VMware still want to educate and engage their customers and partners and sometimes "the usual suspects". VMware, you and myself will still be meeting each other, feel special, party together, and feel as a part of a community. But still, there should be a change in the perception of VMware. VMware used to be the "virtualization company". Well again, I feel *ancient* just implying such a thing, since the vision and innovation of this company is out of this world. if you invent, if you do new stuff, if you do good, then it does not matter what your name is. The rest will follow.

"VMware Explore is the center of the multi-cloud universe", in other words "where it is all being created". OK, that is a bold proclamation. It could not be closer to the truth. All the things VMware is involved in, just shows that VMware knows loads about where todays IT is heading. How? I really do not know, but somewhere in there, inside the organization, there are some smart individuals analyzing the market, analyzing what's going to be a hit or miss, like many music producers these days.

Who the hell is VMware, what do they do?

I constantly get this question, mostly from younger people which has their encyclopedia online, and doesn't know what a phone booth or a casette tape is. It's not a new world, it's been here for a while, and it's something we just got used to. VMware uses VMworld, Now EXPLORE, to educate Cloud Architects, DevOps/DevSecOps, Security Professionals, CxO's and ourselves, the IT Operations, SysAdmins, Solution Engineers (SE), so we get less of these questions.

#Multicloud: I mean, is there any doubt? VMware is the only company that tightly cooperates and provides VM architecture with all the major cloud providers. VMware have Sovereign cloud partners certified by the numbers, creating an anything-cloud environment for anyone to build their enviroment outside their on-prem solutions in an easy, secure way to speed up how you build new applications, and optimize existing ones, without the need for refactoring! It just rocks! That rally makes a difference to customers. So, if you prefer Azure or Alibaba, AWS, Google or On-Prem, you are more than welcome.

#K8s: What about the day it all turned in the Cloud native world? Who decided that Orchestration, Scheduling & Management of containers would be a thing, and how the hell did we choose a winner?. Who wouldn't like to have Kubernetes on site in vSphere, the day after K8s popularity was a fact? Why is VMware caring so much for open source? By the way, have a look at the CNCF landscape where you find VMware as a platinum member. Try to find these: Bitnami, AVI networks, Gimbal, Carvel, Octant, Cartographer, Concourse, Velero, Sonobuoy, Pinniped etc. All a little far from being just the virtualization company, OR WHAT?

Why should you mind?

So, here we are in the present time. The 10 year old slogan RE:invent is younger than the 14 year old Google I/O, but VMware VMworld that has kept it's name from 2004, and if you do the math, it's about time VMware changed the name, since they have changed almost everything else through creativeness and innovation. And for those that "Don't do math", it's now in around mid-2022, almost 19 years since the name VMworld first came alive in San Diego in November 2004. Let's not wait for the 20 years celebration. Go VMware, Go! Become a "live with changes" person. while True: print("CHANGE")

What if I do care?

And on that bombshell - Have a nice day ........... In the future!