vRealize Operations 8.6.3. [29.04.2022]

vRealize Operations 8.6.3. [29.04.2022]

Recently, VMware released new and improved vRealize versions. Let's have a look on vRealize Operations and the new v8.6.3 of the product.

This release from 8.6.2 to 8.6.3. is a is a maintenance release which resolves a few important security and functionality issues identified in the product For more details, see KB 88081. There are 154 CVE's (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) solved and fixed. I'd say it's quite a large update even if it feels minor. The following issues have been resolved as of vRealize Operations 8.6.3:

upgrading is easy with Life Cycle Manager Issues solved in vROps 8.6.3

Let's highlight a few..


There are some new Metrics added in this release. Some of these are related to the Energy, Emission, power usage, and waste, which implies that most of these new metrics surrounds the sustainability dashboards. Have a look at Metrics added in vRealize Operations 8.6 where you can download an Excel Spreadsheet with all the added metrics. Excel Spreadsheet


If you're using the Breakdown by and Add instance breakdown column you have probably used what we call instanced metrics under the Group By Tab when you have created a View (Data). These are now disabled by default, but can easily be re-enabled again. go to KB 81119.

instanced metrics


Basic authentication using the REST API is deprecated and disabled in vRealize Operations 8.6.3 (thanks for that). If you still need to enable basic authentication, see KB 77271.


That infamous Cloud proxy thingie: After you upgrade vRealize Operations from 8.4 to a anything, content upgrade + agent management will fail - Yikes... I have had a personal problem with this, where I was unable to install Telegraf agents onto any Operative System, including all Ubuntu versions, CentOS, Windows 2019&2022 and more. This is the Important Workaround:

  1. SSH to the Cloud Proxy (or all your cloud proxies).
  2. Run : /rpm-content/ucp/subsequentboot.sh

Just do it even if you don't need to, trust me!

... until next ..