Mixing VRealize Operations Licenses

Mixing VRealize Operations Licenses

Mixing vRealize Operations Licenses isn't easy. Let's try to define what's possible.

Mixing vRealize Suite / vRealize Operations Licenses.

  • The vRealize Suite STD will give you vROps ADV
  • With both suites (adv/std) you will end up with vROps Adv.
  • You can mix vROps ADV and vROps ENT editions/licenses.
  • You can't mix vROps STD with vROps ADV or vROps Ent.
  • vRealize Suite Per-CPU and per OSI can be mixed
  • vRealize Operations ADV + vRealize Suite STD - This allowed but ONLY as separate license groups. It doesn't work when you mix the keys in one group
  • vRealize Suite ADV + vRealize Suite STD - will work too, as both with both suites you will end up with vROps Adv. Separate license types into License Groups

Don't forget you have vRA in vRealize Suite ADV too, and mixing editions at vRA might not be permitted

Do you have questions about License groups – head over to my colleague *Brock Peterson *https://www.brockpeterson.com/post/vrops-license-groups


**If you change from single product licensing to suite licensing, I’d suggest a little license cleanup job if you f.ex. upgrade from ops adv to vrs std and such. You might want to consider is keeping the suite consistent (edition wise instead of mixing) especially for vRA level. vROps shouldn't be a problem **

What is vRealize Suite? https://www.vmware.com/no/products/vrealize-suite-vcloud-suite.html